Terms of Service

By using the website and taking our services, it is agreed between Habitat Group Inc. (hereinafter called Habitat) and the prospective client (hereinafter called Client) as follows:

  1. The Client will pay to Habitat one lump-sum package amount, for operation to be performed on the Client at India the details of which are mentioned below for the Procedure that is desired by the Client. This amount will be specified by Habitat from time to time and may be changed without notice.

  2. Habitat agrees to provide to the Client and the Client agrees to avail the services that are included in every package as may be modified from time to time, which includes a round trip ticket from London England to India, 2 days pre operative and 14-24 days post operative stay in an air-conditioned deluxe room with satellite TV and phone including meals, all Diagnostic costs, all Doctor's fees, all operation (Procedure) fees, all fees for medicines procured in India against one lump-sum amount and a declaration to this effect will be executed by the Client before confirmation of treatment.

  3. Habitat will confirm the date, the complete medical and travel itinerary for the Client along with pre-operative precautions (if any) once the Client has made a deposit of 33% of the package amount to Habitat Group Inc. at its designated account by either wire transfer or by cheque payment. The funds actually have to be in the Account of Habitat before such procedure will be performed, thus the client is advised to allow sufficient time for such transfer and/or credit.

  4. The balance amount of 67% of the package cost can be paid by the Client after arrival in India but before the procedure is performed. If there be any delay on the part of the Client in paying after arrival in India, Habitat will not be responsible for accommodation of the Client during the period of the delay.

  5. Habitat declares that the Hospital in Kolkata is an ISO 9001:2001 certified hospital also certified by Biorad Laboratories, USA as being first in India and the Client is at liberty for inspecting the same by requesting Habitat.

  6. Though the Hospital in Kolkata India carries a sufficient insurance cover, the Client is encouraged to take insurance cover as he/she determines for all aspects relating to the trip including but not limited to medical operation (procedure), treatment, travel and any other tourism related activities and/or other activities the Client may engage in as Habitat will take no responsibility for the same.

  7. The qualifications of the Doctors of the Hospital are displayed in Habitat's website at www.MedicalTreatmentAbroad.com and the Client has inspected the same and by taking Habitat's services certify that the Client is completely satisfied with the qualifications of the Doctors.

  8. In case the Client is unable to travel for the procedure, after paying the package cost, then the Client is at liberty to re-schedule the procedure with a clear 4 working days notice before the scheduled date of procedure at Hospital.

  9. The Client agrees that Habitat is arranging a particular appointment with the Doctors and Surgeons and is reserving Hospital resources including operating theatre, hospital room and airplane tickets for the client while taking this appointment for surgery/treatment for the Client and Habitat would be grievously harmed if the Client were not to take the services and/or medical and other Treatment. In case the client is not able to travel at all to take the procedure, then the following administrative cum cancellation charges would apply:

  10. a) If the Client is unable to travel because of bereavement in the family or because of natural disaster in the region where the Client resides, certified by appropriate documentation or certificate: 10% of package cost.

    b) If the client is unable to travel for health reasons, certified by a prescription from an attending accredited medical doctor certifying that the travel is not possible due to health reasons: 20% of package cost.

    c)If the Client is unable to travel for any other reason, or, is not able to produce any document is support of Client's claim pertaining to the two circumstances mentioned earlier: 40% of package cost.

  11. The Client is aware that the Doctors and surgeons of the Hospital arranged by Habitat have the discretion of proceeding on a treatment course which as per their opinion, at any point of time, would be most appropriate and agrees to abide by it and agrees that if treatment given deviates from the package as represented due to decision or decisions of Doctors on the spot, that would still amount to fulfillment of obligations by Habitat and further that will not be construed as bad treatment or negligent treatment.

  12. No refund can be made for some treatment or treatments not availed of by the Client but included in package.

  13. These terms of service can be modified from time to time and put up on the website and such updated terms if any will be binding on all services taken by a Client and the Client is at liberty to check the website for any changes of terms of service before taking the services of Habitat.

  14. All matters arising out of this agreement will be in the jurisdiction of Courts of Kolkata, India.