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For the 4 Crucial points that distinguish us from the competitors, clear statement of what we will do for you and how we will look after you every step of your treatment process, do feel free to look up our Home Page!


     Others' rate do not include hidden extras like the type of Operation you really need to suit you or post-op tests.

   We anticipate and address all your needs! Our well-trained English speaking representatives meet in person with you everyday for help and information.
   F.R.C.S. (Edinburgh) U.K. Consultant Specialists perform all Surgery.They trained and practiced in the U.K. and not in another country!
Our Surgeon's Profile. 
   Our Hospital is Internationally accredited: it is ISO 9001:2000 Certification and Membership of International Hospital Federation attests to the Quality of Hospital. 
We offer All-inclusive Packages: Surgeon’s Fees, Medicine Costs, Pre and post-operative Diagnostic Costs, OT fees, Consultation FeeS, ALL Meals and stay at our Deluxe Suites included. You never pay anything more than one package price! Even transfers are included. 


Please send us an on-line inquiry or call us so that we are able to respond to your inquiry with
efficiency & quality

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