Can I stay with my family?

Yes, you can stay together with your family. Our hospital rooms are quite large and your family is welcome to share your room (that has a roll out sofa bed apart from the main bed of course, LCD TV with satellite channels, marble flooring, 5 star hotel like bathrooms), but we can arrange for a nearby 3 star hotel room for them as well. Should your family want to stretch out a little, there are lots of 3 star hotels nearby (think of Indian 3 star hotels as superior to English B and Bs, but below English 3 star Hotels) and one “Private Lodge” that is about 300 feet away from the hospital.

The cost for that 3 star hotel would be about GBP Pounds 50 per day or so. If you want to go more reasonable, there are "Private Lodges" (similar to B &B in UK but no breakfast served) for about GB pounds 25 daily. If you decide to put your family up at the hospital, a nominal charge of Pounds 10 per day will be charged for their meals etc. will be included.

What is my period of recovery/Stay at hospital?

This is one aspect that cannot be predicted at this stage, but, on AN AVERAGE, for a hip replacement patient we would anticipate the hospital stay to be about 10-12 days or so. If you wish you can stay in town at a hotel and avail of the free Physiotherapy for some more time: but that is completely up to you. Your family can in the meantime take in the local sights. We will help you in organizing the sight-seeing, but if you wish you can deal directly with the tour operators/travel agents.

What happens after the operation?

Your operation will be followed by regular Physiotherapy sessions, which of course is necessary for you to do.

Some people choose to travel to tourist destinations with their families after they recover completely. These places include the Palaces of the Maharajas (now turned into luxury Hotels) in such exotic places as the deserts of Rajasthan or the famed beaches of Goa. Whatever the destination, the precautions set our by Dr. Basu has to be followed and the medicines that will be given has to be taken regularly.

So how do we start the process?

We require you to give us your medical history in writing on our forms which we will send to you. We require a deposit of 40% of the total expenses. We recommend you pay by wire transfer to our account in the USA, which is the fastest and most secure way. After that we will send you the Hospital letter and confirmation of dates, after confirming with you that they are convenient for you.

The balance amount you can pay at your convenience, even after your arrival at Kolkata, but is payable a minimum of 2 days before surgery. If you pay after arrival, in such cases we take payment by GB £ cash or GB £ Travellers Cheques.

When do I get a confirmation?

Once you have made a deposit, we will send a complete schedule along with an invitation cum confirmation letter to you in original Hospital Letterhead.

What can you tell me about my travel?

You may wish to bring certain things which you need daily, though your medicine etc is all provided here. If you have a walking aid, you
should get that. Medicines for you are provided by us once you are here and we will provide you medicines to last you for 2 months post-operation.

What do I do upon arrival?

(a) Our staff will wait for you at the Kolkata Airport, attending the flight. He will be standing just outside the MAIN exit from airport with a sign in YOUR NAME.
(b) He will take you directly to the Hospital.
(c) He will be your liason in Kolkata and will interact with you every day (except Sunday) for general guidance and information and any help you may need. If you so prefer, he can accompany your family in the local tours your family might want to make.

Can I choose my airline?

You can definitely choose your own airline. If need be, you should request the airlines to make wheelchair available to you, and till now, all patients have been so facilitated by the airline. Certain Airlines have a record of being chronically late or flight cancellations, so asking your travel agent about these aspects may help.

Is your package all inclusive?

Yes. Our package includes Hospital accommodation, transfers (in India), Surgery, follow up by surgeon, Physiotherapy, Medicines for the duration of your stay in India, diagnostic costs and all meals.

However, to bring you the widest possible choice, we leave it to you if you would like to arrange your own air ticket. We do this as some of our clients prefer to arrange their own passage for accumulating Frequentr Flier miles or for redeeming Frequent Flier miles. However, if you want us to arrange for your passage, we are happy to do that at extra cost.

What will you do apart from what is included in the package?

Our representative will meet you personally everyday, to make sure you have all you need. we will also help you keep in touch, and supply you with a local cellphone with a prepaid outgoing call credit of USD 10 with unlimited incoming. Internet connection is free from the Hospital Suite and you can stay in touch that way too! We will give you information about local matters, day trips etc.

If you need any tourism related service, we are there to help you plan, purchase tickets and give advise.

How do I know that you are reliable?

We have had clients from U.K., France and other countries.
Our Surgeons have practised in the U.K. for 5 years at least, doing on an average 4 surgeries per week during these five years.Our Surgeons are FRCS (Edinburgh) registered and are very specialized in what they do.

We also request all potential clients to take a look at the Testimonials from other past clients.

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