A painful hip can severely affect your ability to lead a full active life. Over the last twenty-five years, due to major advancements in Prostheses and Surgical Skills resulted in total hip replacement becoming more and more common as the population of the world begins to age. Total hip replacement relieves pain from most kinds of hip arthritis, improving the quality of life for the large majority of patients. This troublesome hip can be surgically removed and replaced with an artificial one. Osteoarthritis, which causes the wearing down of hip, is the most common cause of painful hips but there are other conditions as well.

The hip is basically a ball and socket joint, linking the ball at the head of the thigh bone called as femur with the cup-shaped socket in the pelvic bone. A total hip prosthesis is surgically implanted to replace the damaged bone within the hip joint. Hip replacement is NOT always the first choice. Non-invasive methods like medications and physiotherapy are definitely given a try before resorting to surgery. The key here is long term relief from Hip Pain without regular medication, which can be achieved by a Surgical Procedure.

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Therefore if pain and loss of function interfere with daily activities, a surgical replacement of hip is considered. The complete surgery takes one to two hours and carries minimal anaesthetic risks. The procedure of replacing the hip involves removing the arthritic parts of the joint replacing the ball and socket part of the joint through a surgical incision The artificial components are made from metal alloys, and places high-performance bearing surface between the metal parts. Most commonly, the bearing surface is made from a very durable polyethylene plastic, but other materials including ceramics, newer plastics, or metals; have been used.

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Physical therapy typically starts the day after surgery. A physical therapist will teach you exercises, such as contracting and relaxing certain muscles that can strengthen the artificial hip. Because the new hip has a limited range of movement, the physical therapist also will teach you proper techniques for simple activities of daily living, such as bending and sitting, to prevent injury to the new hip.

Each month, on an average, about 500 Patients take an airplane flight, get their surgeries done in India, and then fly back after 10 days or so. This has become a phenomenon called the 'Medical Tourism'. With proper precautions and following Doctor's orders, the whole process is quite safe and most importantly, of the same high quality as in the UK or USA. And the Medicines for 2 months following the procedure are provided by us as well: so no worries about more costly medicines once you are back home.

What about precautions once you are back home? How will these affect your lifestyle?

Usually, after the patient is discharged from the hospital after regular Physiotherapy sessions, it is necessary to take some precautions which ensure a successful operation and prevention of potential complications. While these so not mean that you will have to change your lifestyle, but certain simple actions can make all the difference. For example the maximum chance of dislocating the new hip joint (prostheses) is if you were to cross your legs. A simple precaution like not crossing your legs can solve this problem.

Generally, there are 10 different fundamental precautions to be taken after a Hip Replacement Operation. We would like to tell you more. Please get in touch with us using the form below!

What is Minimally Invasive surgery? what precautions are to be taken post-operation?
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   Others' rate do not include hidden extras like the type of Prostheses you really need to suit you or post-op tests. For example, some will quote for a metal-on-plastic hip prostheses, while if you are below 60 you actually need a metal-on-metal joint. We quote for your specific age and activity level: we offer four different rates to suit which you need! 

   We anticipate and address all your needs! Our well-trained English speaking representatives meet in person with you everyday for help and information. We help you see the local sites. We even have wireless Internet access from the hospital rooms to ensure you are in touch! 
   F.R.C.S. (Edinburgh) U.K. Consultant Specialists perform all Surgery.They trained and practiced in the U.K. and not in another country which you have to look up in an map of the world!
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  • Our Hospital is Internationally accredited: it is ISO 9001:2000 Certification and Membership of International Hospital Federation attests to the Quality of Hospital.   
  • We offer All-inclusive Packages: Surgeon’s Fees, Medicine Costs, Artificial Hip Prostheses costs, pre and post-operative Diagnostic Costs, OT fees, Consultation Fees,Meals and 10 days stay at our Deluxe Suites included. You never pay anything more than one package price! Even transfers are included.
  • We offer Package prices! Ask for a quote for the choice that is right for you !

    Above 60 Years Osteoarthritic change. Low Activity. Metal on Plastic.
    Above 60 years. Osteoarthritic change. Low activity. Ceramic on Ceramic.
    Below 60 years. Average Movement. Metal on Metal. Small Diameter Head.
    Below 60 Years. More Movement. Metal on Metal. Large Diameter Head. 

  • Actual U.K. Surgical Experience: Our Surgeons are Qualified in U.K. who have actually practiced in the U.K. as N.H.S. Surgeons for several years. See our Surgeon's Profile.

  • New Surgical Techniques: We offer Minimally Invasive Surgery and Computer Navigated Surgery. We have perfected "Rotating Platform" Technique for Hip Replacement.

  • Our Ethical Standards: As a U.S. company based in U.S. we stick to American Business Ethics, maintaining the same high standards you expect in Service and scheduling. We will stick to our promises and commitments in Schedules and Service standards

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Knowledge is power: the more you know about your treatment options, the better the decision for you. We would like to work with you about how you can treat your condition, whether a sergical intervention is needed at this stage and what your options are. Please drop us a line for a detailed plan of treatment for you!

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